Private Riding Lesson

The student and the instructor spend 

1 hour of one on one time with a lesson that's custom to the student's riding level.  20-30 minutes is spent grooming & tacking the horse and 25-30 minutes of riding time.  

Each lesson is $45.

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Group Riding Lesson or Advanced Group

Students learn in a group setting with shared responsibilities to groom and tack the horse.  Each student spends 10-12 minutes of riding each lesson.  Students help in farm chores & enjoy the farm in between riders.  1 hour 15 min.  Each lesson is $25.

Advanced group lesson is $45 per rider.  Students learn to ride in a group setting where each student rides their own horse in the lesson and practice challenging exercises together.

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Family Trail Ride

Schedule a family trail ride at the farm.  The length of time is 1.5 hours that includes 45 minutes of riding. Each rider has a handler as needed.  Ages are 4 and older. 

$45 per person.  5/6 riders maximum

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